Moving to Dublin advice?

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By adrienn - Posted on
01 February 2017

Hi All,

I am planning to move to Dublin in the next couple of months after having lived in London for 10 years ( I'm an EU citizen).
I would be glad to receive some information on housing and finding a job. I have already started applying but I am not too sure how easy it will be for me to secure a job before arrival since I am not residing there yet.
As for the housing , is there any way to rent through housing associations? and what are the best property sites? I am not so keen on renting through estate agencies..

Many thanks for all your help, much appreciated.

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Dublin is a fantastic City, everybody is friendly. The transport is really good. Rent's are really high due to the US companies moving in and loads of banks exiting from UK. If you are willing to commute move out of the city and commute. Jobs - there are lot's depending on your qualifications and area of expertise, Irish Citizens have one of the best education systems in the world, many have MA's and MBA's so the bar is raised in this department.

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