Moving to Berlin in 2 months, advice on bank accounts and accommodation?

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By Alexandra_Zogs - Posted on
29 July 2017

Hi, I am moving to Berlin in 2 months from London, I need advice on how to secure a bank account, and any other useful tips. Also welcome some tips on looking for properties. I am fortunate to already have my job situation secure with full time/permanent employment, so really looking for the advice on how best to navigate and get set up in the city. Hopefully someone can help on here Thanks, Alex

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Hi Alexandra

It's easy to get a bank account in Germany. All you need is your residence card, proof of address and passport. Bring some cash if you want to open an account immediately. Have a look at our page on banking and finances for more information.

Your best bet on finding a place to stay is through online portals. There are many different areas and options, depending on your budget and taste. If it's too much of a headache to sift through the websites, you can try property agents. They take all of the stress and hassle out of apartment searching. Find more information on our Accommodation in Berlin page. 

The public transport in Berlin is excellent, and bar the peak times, you will get where you need to be quickly. The taxis are plentiful and cheaper than other European capitals, and there are trams, buses, trains and bicycle lanes all over the city. Read our page on getting around in Berlin as well for even more information.

Are you moving to Berlin with family? It's always easier to familiarise yourself with a new city when you're not alone. A lot of expats also say they make friends with people from work. What work will you be doing?

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Good Info Emma L.

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