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17 May 2011
Hi there, I am a single Irish female moving to Luanda this summer for a 2yr posting. My questions are -How safe will I b being on my own how easy is it to make friends, is there much to do - I'm bit of a social butterfly. I've heard that it is quite difficult getting money out, so ow do you manage, what sort of plugs / adaptors do I need? Sorry lots of questions, I'd like as much information as possible before moving. thanks
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Moving to Angola can be seem daunting, but there's a lot of expats who've walked this path before, so there's plenty of opportunity to come prepared.

Most expats live in secure housing complexes with 24-hour security (insular little neighbourhoods) or in the city centre in apartment blocks with 24-hour security. Workplaces also are usually very secure locations. That said, it's NOT recommended to travel alone - robberies and mugging are common in certain areas and as a white woman you'll definitely stand out as a target.

Most companies provide expats with a car and driver though, so even when going from point A to point B, you'll usually  be accompanied.

In Angola, round-pin Euro plugs are standard. I'm not sure what kind of plugs you have in Ireland, but I'd definitely invest in some adaptors beforehand. Converters are not as much of a necessity, you only really need them for certain products - like hair dryers or straighteners.

It's pretty easy to make friends with expats, and there's plenty of clubs and organisations that have been created for this very reason. 

You should definitely have a look at the Expat Arrivals Angola guide, and if you have a Kindle or similar, you can buy the eBook for cheap!

There's also a great interview with TONS of useful info in the expat experiences section,
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I have found your comments very useful. I am looking to move to Angloa myself and was wondering if you knew of any reputable companies that deal with relocation? I want to have some assistance with home searches etc without having to do it myself.



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