Montessori primary schools in Cape Town?

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17 May 2017


I plan to move to Cape town in January 2018 for seven months with my six year old son. I would really appreciate advice on where to live and which primary school to attend.

We currently live in the city center of Amsterdam and prefer the buzz over suburban life and location over apartment/house size. It is just the two of us so any decent apartment/house with a bit of outside space (balcony also fine) will do as long as it is in a great, city-like location. I'd prefer not to have a car if possible (occasional rental for trips) so a primary school school nearby would be great.

School-wise I'd prefer Montessori which he attends now but I am open to any friendly primary school with an open and welcoming atmosphere that does not make me go broke. Since he will just have turned six by the time we travel and because he will only start first grade upon return to the Netherlands, a place where he feels at ease is more important than prestige/curriculum.

I am leaning towards living in the city bowl (Tamboerskloof maybe?) and consider Stepping Stone Montessori but I have never been to Cape Town yet so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Anne,

If you live in the CBD of Cape Town - Tamboerskloof, Vredehoek, Gardens, etc you'll be locate close to all the main amenties and will need limited use of a car. You'll also have access to the miciti bus network which is pretty efficient, although not quite up to European standards. Uber is also a cheap and efficient way to get around.

Here are a list of pre-school and childcare centres in Cape Town. Hopefully, you'll find something suitable.

I would suggest you make your enquiries ASAP and secure a spot for your soon ahead of time because some schools operate waiting lists.

If you have any questions just give me a shout. 

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Thank you Shantalie, much appreciated!

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