Malaria in Luanda

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04 July 2011
What's the best way to cope with malaria in Luanda. If we're going there for two years I don't expect to take anti-malarial tablets the WHOLE time. Or is this the norm?
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In short, your best defense against malaria in Luanda is high-quality mosquito nets.

That said, the first thing you can do, and you should do it in your home country, is to get a flu shot. That way, if you start feeling fluish in Luanda, you'll know its not flu, it's malaria; and since of the four types of malaria, the strain that's most prevalent in Angola is the deadliest, its important to realise what you've got quickly. Malaria is actually easily treatable if you catch it before it catches you.

Bring a mosquito net that hooks in four corners from home, if you can. In Angola the common types hook from a single central point, which can make for a big tangled mess and a slightly claustrophobic sleeping arrangement. Make sure to tuck nets under the mattress at night (especially for kids), or to hang them low enough so they drag on the floor. Nets with one opening (for bathroom access) are best; the more openings the more susceptible the net is to mosquito penetration.

Otherwise, count on using lots of mosquito spray and bug repellant. Wear light long sleeved shirts and long pants.

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If you suspect you have malaria it is important to get tested immediately and then take the treatment. I didn't know much about malaria before coming to Angola so decided to read up on it so I knew the facts. USAID runs an excellent online course which gives you the basics:

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