Living costs in Vancouver?

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08 February 2012
Thinking of moving from Ontario to Vancouver and I just wanted to make sure I could afford to live in the one of the world's "best cities to live in" (at least according to the Economist Intelligence Unit). Can anybody give me a quick run-down of living costs in Vancouver? I know this is a highly variable subject, but I don't demand a lot of luxury - so just an indication of essential expenses would be great. 
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Living costs in Vancouver are generally much higher than in other provinces, largely because of the high prices associated with accommodation. The west coast of the city is especially expensive, anticipate average rental rates to be around 2000 CAD monthly. The north and the east, and rent in any of the nearby commuter towns around the city are more reasonable, but still not cheap. 

If you live in central Vancouver you can take advantage of cheaper public transport, but if not, then you'll likely need a car, which is expensive. 

Also, do you have kids? Would you plan to send them to private schools or public schools? While public schools are obvioulsy free of charge, private schools in Vancouver can be pricey - costing nearly 10,000 USD per year.
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