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30 August 2014

hi everyone i would like to get advice on renting a cheap apartment in adelaide cbd and cost of living in adelaide for a couple and 2 year old son and jobs for medical lab technician in adelaide. i will be reaching adelaide in january 2015 from india and do employers recruit expats from india while we are in india. please help thank you

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I'm in the mid of negotiating a job with an Australian company in Adelaide. I need to know the below before I start my negotiation :

1. Say my pay is in the range of $70k - 90k, what is my taxeable income and actual tax each month that will be deducted from my wages ?

2. What is the medical levy that I need to pay each month ? or each year ?

3. What other taxes or payment that will be deducted from my monthly wages ? For exampl, superannuation, insurance...everythings

4. My wife and 2 daughters will be travel with me. My daughter is 4 and 2 respectively. What is the cost of attending school in Adelaide for my 2 kids ?

5. When applying for 457 visa, should I apply the relavent visa for my wife and kids too ?

Thanks !

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