Legal advice about problem cat in Cyprus?

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By Jinksy Ferry - Posted on
07 March 2017

Hi, since we moved to Cyprus last year we have adopted a stray cat. He has a beautiful temperament and just wants to be fed and loved. He is quite happy to stay indoors most of the time, I say indoors but we have first floor appartment and the doors are open most of the time so he goes on the balcony. He does like to go out into the grounds chase lizards, roll in the grass etc for a couple of hours each day, maximum 4 hours and he is shouting to be in. Our other cat we brought from England is a house cat and is happy not going outside.

There is another cat on the complex and he has been there a long time - over 5 years. He is well known on the complex as he is quite vicious and for some reason, he wont tollerate our cat at all. Both my wife and myself have been very badly scratched seperating them during a cat fight.

We have had an agreement that he would be kept in until about 15:00 from morning feeding so we can let ours out safely but this recently has been very eratic and the owner has said that he wont be kept in at all in the summer.

Last year, we had a vets bill of 40 euro following a fight which we think (cant prove) was said vicious cat. We are concerned that our cat maybe badly hurt again.

In the UK, a cat is a posession and it is unlawful to harm or allow to be harmed another persons posessions, and by not keeping their cat oway from ours for just a few hours each day is is similar to not fixing a wall you know to be unsafe, if the wall hurts someone, its your responsibility. But this is Cyprus! Legally, where do we stand?

Let me state right now, I have no intention of harming the otger cat in any way so please do not suggest anything along the lines if getting rid, it simply isn't an option.


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