Language barrier an issue for employment in Romania?

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By metalman - Posted on
15 December 2016

I am currently considering moving from the United States to Romania. I want to apply to engineering companies for employment. As of right now I am completely fluent in English and Spanish but my Romanian needs some work to become much more fluent. Will this language deficiency severely affect my chances for employment? Will I have to be completely fluent in Romanian to obtain any employment?

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Hey metalman. I wouldn't say you'd need to be fluent, but you would probably need to have at least a basic proficiency in Romanian for most jobs. My advice would be to brush up on the basics as much as you can in the meantime, and then when you're there, you could attend a local language school to gain more fluency in Romanian. Incedientally, as you're looking for work, you might find our working in Romania section useful. When were you thinking of moving over there?
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Thanks for responding Meagan! I am planning on leaving in early to mid January. So this upcoming January of 2017.

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I am Arjun Pushpanathan, currently working in Dubai as logistics coordinator/Customer Service and I am interested to migrate to Romania with my family. I would like to know the procedure which I have to go through for skilled immigration, can any one help and guide me.

Regards, Arjun

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