Is R 40,000 a month enough to lively safely in Cape Town with a family & save up to 50% of the income?

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By David Wolf - Posted on
01 January 2015

I am evaluating an employment opportunity in Cape Town and will move with my wife & 1 year old. I am currently on a contract in India and make about 20,000R here so I will double my income by moving to cape Town. However, the cost of living seems to be 3 times higher when compared to India.

We'd like to live in a gated apartment with electrified fence and security in a safe area in Cape Town and also buy a car. Can somebody help me understand if R40,000 a month is a good deal or should I look elsewhere?

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Hi David,

If you are looking to save 50 percent of your income and survive on just R20,000 per month, I think you might struggle a bit.

A two bedroom place will cost you at least R8000 per month. Rental is more expensive in the CBD and along the Atlantic seaboard. You will also find having a car is almost essential in Cape Town, especially if you decide to live in the suburbs. Much of the rest of your spending will have to do with your famillies lifestyle choices - there are lots of nice things to do in Cape Town which can cost quite a lot. On the other hand there are also lots of free activities.

You can use the Cost of Living in South Africa page as a guide to help you draw up a budget.

Good luck

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I am wanting to move to Cape Town with 50,000 US dollars. willing to work part time or invest in a small business, would I be able to survive off my savings?

also, what neighborhood would you recommend to live in that has pools, that are safe and has plenty of walking markets to shop at?

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Hi i got job offercape town can any one tell the company details are correct or wrong..
ATLAS CONSTRUCTIONS is it real comapany..
Tel phone no is +27 87 550 5181 is it correct pls check and tel me any one...

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