Is MZN 3500 enough to live a comfortable expat life in Mozambique?

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By JIgnesh - Posted on
18 March 2014

Hi.. just i got a job in Namialo (Mozambique), Company provide me free food (Lunch) and Transportation + 3500/- Metical for local expenese for a month? This is enough for a month? Like a telephone exp. to India and other expenses? Please reply..... Jig

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Hi Jig

It depends on what your priorities are. If you're going there to save, 3500 MZN translates to less than 120 USD and, even though Mozambique has a comparitively low cost of living, I think that would be very difficult. You haven't mentioned whether you'll get accommodation but that would take a major chunk out of what you'd be earning, if it would even be enough.

This really depends on your expectations, and the standard of living you're comfortable with but it certainly isn't a lot of money.

All the best,

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