Is it still possible for foreigners to find work in Barcelona?

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By Belinda H. - Posted on
14 July 2014
I would like to move to Barcelona for a year or two between degrees. I don't need to make a lot of money, I would just like to know if anyone has insight into whether it is possible for foreigners to find work in Barcelona that pays enough to sustain yourself.

Any suggestions would be most welcome.
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Hi Belinda

As you may know, the rate of unemployment in Spain is likely to be quite high for the foreseeable future, especially for young adults.
That said, there may be opportunities for you in the tourism sector, for example. If you can speak Spanish, this would put you at a better advantage. Our Working in Spain and Working in Barcelona pages will give you a good idea of your prospects.

That said, you should check the requirements of your student visa to see how much work you would be eligible to do. Have a look at our Visas for Spain page to make sure.

Good luck!


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