Is it safe to move to Barcelona after the recent terror attacks?

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By Smith - Posted on
21 August 2017
Hi guys,

I hope there are some expats or travellers in Spain that can help me out here.

I've got a great job offer in Barcelona and I'm due to move on the 1st of  September. Everything is pretty much sorted and my family and I were excited to make the move but the terror attacks that took place last week have put a bit of a dampener on things. What is the safety like in the city at the moment? Are the authorities on high alert? Do you feel safe living in Barcelona right now? 

I am thinking of postponing the relocation but I worry this could jeopardise my job prospects. What do you think? My most important priority is keeping my family safe.

Would be great to have your insights.

Thanks a million

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It feels like everything is back to normal, there is more police in touristic areas than usual, but this is far better. You and your family can live outside of Barcelona, which in my opinion is always safer.

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Hi Smith

There is definitely an air of discomfort in Europe in general. While there can be no guarantee that something similar won't happen in the future, it would be futile to spend your life in fear of something happening.

Where are you from? Have a read of our page on safety in Spain for some general tips on keeping your family safe.

Hope this helps!
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