Is it possible to rent an accommodation at Sutherland Shire before moving to Sydney?

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By Skuruvi - Posted on
10 August 2014

Hi, We are a family of 5 ( 3 school kids) planning to move to Sydney by the first week of January. We prefer to move to Sutherland shire as we would like to enrol the children in Lucas Heights Community School. Is it possible to lease accomdation or atleast enter into an agreement to hire an apartment/house even before landing in Sydney?....... Since the academic year starts by the end of January we need to rent a place in or around post code 2234 in order to enrol the children in the school of our choice hence we are a bit desperate about ensuring we get a place to stay there ......... Help

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Hi Skuruvi,

If you can submit your rental application with all the required documents, find a suitable property and are willing to pay for the place I don't see why you couldn't secure a property before moving to Australia.

However, this is not the norm. Most people prefer to view a property before committing to a lease. Most landlords would require tenants to sign a 1 year lease, and its not something you want to be trapped into without seeing a property first. 

Remember demand for property in Sydney is high - so its not always easy securing a place, and the fact that you are trying to do it from overseas will probably also make it a little more difficult.

I would advise you to speak to a few agents and see what they can do to assist you.

This page on Renting property in Australia should help. 

Kind regards,

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Are you renting out of choice? Are you aware that you can purchase a home from day one?

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