Is it easy to make friends in Italy?

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By Euroguy - Posted on
28 March 2018

I have been living in New Zealand for 16 years and since I am European I would like to live in Italy especially since I feel so socially isolated in New Zealand because its so difficult to make friends with Kiwis.

Sad to say but I've given up in New Zealand. I have tried my utmost and I speak English like an Irishman so the language is not a problem but I can't make any Kiwi friends of the same sex - Kiwi mates. Its just making me sad.

The reason I would like to live in ITaly is that I speak the language well.

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Hi Euroguy

Getting to know people in a new country is always difficult at first. The fact that you can speak the local language already puts you in a great position to meet locals and establish solid friendships. There is also a thriving expat community in most of the larger cities, so it shouldn't be too difficult for you to feel at home.

Italians are known for being social and if you put effort into getting to know the local culture you should be able to settle in well. Have a look at some of the interviews on our expat experiences in Italy page to see some real-life examples of how expats made friends when they moved to the country.

When are you planning to move? Will you be moving to Italy alone?

- Daniela
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Hi Daniela, thank you for your reply. Planning to move by the end of next year. I have a house to sell and lots of possessions because I tried to make New Zealand my home :(

I will be moving alone.

What picturesque places would you suggest? Yesterday I was looking at the Costo D'Amalfi. Not too cold not too hot and also by the sea? Any suggestions?


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It is never hard to make friends if you are loyal to them. No matter a person is from Italy or any other country be pure with them and they will love you more then just a friend.

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Thanks Abdul. Thats the way it works in Europe. So true! But not here in New Zealand. They are so insular here :( New Zealand is as big as Italy but has a population of 4.5 million. Absolutely beautiful country with lots of green pastures and land. But thats about it. Anywyay yesterday I was looking at the Amalfi Coast. Never been there - I'm from Siena. Che pensi dall'Costo d'Amalfi? (sorry my Italian is not as perfect as it was - no italian tv here )

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