Is cycling in Budapest safe?

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By taylor1 - Posted on
20 March 2018
Hi all, 

I'm thinking about moving to Budapest and I love cycling wherever I need to go. 

I've heard that cycling is popular there, but smoking is popular and that doesn't make it safe. 

So my questions are: 
How safe is cycling in Budapest? 
What's the road culture like? 
Are there bike lanes? 
Also, how is cycling in winter? 

Thanks in advance.
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Budapest is a nice place to live. People over there also love to travel on cycle and the culture over there will help you a lot in doing cycling.

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Hi Taylor,

Cycling in Budapest is safe and the city is equipped with bike lanes.

Although Hungary has a relatively high number of street accidents, if you adhere strictly to the rules of the road then you shouldn't have any problems. Budapest has a sophisticated cycling culture which is only growing.  

Cycling in winter is manageable but it's extremely cold. It might require some acclimatisation. 

I feel like that covers it, but if there's anything more then feel free to ask,

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