Is Cape Town expensive?

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29 October 2014

HI I am heading over the Cape Town to live for a year. I am coming over with 13,000 NZD Dollars which is about 110,000R. I also have a job at a school but is not a well paid job as I just want the experience. That jobs pays about 3500R a month. Can I survive on this amount for a year and still be able to do a few cool trips???

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Hi Dunks

The amount you're bringing over, plus what you'll be earning would come to just over 12,650 ZAR per month, which is ample if you aren't expecting to live like a rockstar. 

One of the best things about Cape Town is that there is so much to do that is inexpensive - national parks, museums and the Kirstenbosch Botanical garden are all very affordable, and the beaches are free.

Where it does start getting a bit pricey is doing things like going to Robben Island, the Aquarium and eating out. But even then, if you space the more expensive activities out, you're definitely going to have a good quality of life.

As for going to other places, I'm sure you could afford a trip or two down the Garden Route or into the Karoo, as well as a few smaller jaunts up the West Coast and to a few countryside towns.

While you'll get a better idea of exaclty what you would be able to do once you're here, the short answer is that you definitely can have a great time with that amount of money for a year.

Have a look at our Cost of Living in Cape Town page, as well as See and Do in Cape Town.

I would also have a look at our Visas for South Africa page, as there have recently been changes to the visa system.

Best of luck,


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