Is Angola VERY expensive?

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By cornwall - Posted on
13 April 2011
Hi Everyone!

I'm looking for information about the cost of living in Angola.  I've heard it's a ridiculously expensive place to live!  Is this true? 

Any advice would be great! Thanks!
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Hello there.

Yes, Angola is VERY expensive. You will pay $20 for six tomatoes and $10 for a box of cornflakes. Meals out are at least $70 per head. Hotel accommodation is also expensive, starting at around $400 per night. Most shopping is expensive and with poor quality and choice. (However, fuel is very cheap.)

Remember, though, that most expat companies provide additional allowances to compensate for the high cost of living in Angola.

I get by alright, even with the skyhigh prices!

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Depends how you want to live.

If you want to live in an expat enclave surrounded by senior level oil executives, eat imported European foods and drink in expat frequented bars on the Ilha, then yes it is very expensive. If, however, you are prepared to live in other areas (popular with Portuguese, Brazilians but not English speakers), adjust your diet slightly and only visit the Ilha for business meetings, then it is much, much, cheaper than London.

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