Is 35K AED a good Salary for a Data Scientist in Dubai (Family of 2)?

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By adnanned - Posted on
18 August 2017

Hi, I have been offered a Data Scientist job in Dubai. I want to move there with my wife, we have no kids. Salary on offer is 35K AED. Company will provide 2 weeks of free hotel, medical insurance, and return tickets for both of us. Currently, I work in London, UK on the same post and get £70K. So, is 35K AED a good salary to move to Dubai and will I be able to save any money at all considering Dubai is very expensive?

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Hi Adnanned

Have a look at this article on expat salaries in the Middle East. It might give you an idea of whether you are looking at a good offer or not. What type of benefits are included in the package?

Whether you will save money will depend largely on your current lifestyle and whether you are willing to scale it down while you're in the UAE. Yes, Dubai can be expensive, but so is London, so check out our page on cost of living in Dubai to have a look at the numbers.

Good luck,


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Hi Adnanned, are you in Dubai now? Please let me know if you have moved there, as i am also engaged in interviews witth a bank there. How is it there? living, travel, work culture and savings?


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Hi Yash. Yes I am in Dubai now and have been working for the last 5 months. I think it was a great move, I really like living in Dubai. Depending on your salary you can plan things. My expenses are roughly 20K. But expenses depend on many things.

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