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  • Romania
    Hello to every one, First of all, Happy New Year,I hope you are well, I am an Electrica Engineer Iranian man with Experience on Electrical Enginer(...
    1 | 1 year 43 weeks
  • Japan
    Please send me a ball park figure for the cost of a furnished one room apartment rental in a middle class neighborhood in Hiroshima or the suburbs....
    2 | 1 year 37 weeks
  • Turkey
    what is the best process for obtaining a visa for senior parents and parents-in-law? what is the condition / section for long term resident stay...
    Zero | 1 year 47 weeks
  • Canada
    We are moving to Tonronto soon. My husband and I will be working near Bloordale Village and King Street (West) respectively. We have a 5 years old...
    Zero | 1 year 48 weeks
  • India
    What is the procedure to sponsor kid ,,and work in Oman, Is it possible to sponsor my 5 yr old kid and make him live with me in Oman,provided I get a...
    Zero | 1 year 48 weeks
  • Dubai
    may I know if I have a chance of getting a teaching job in Dubai, I have a diploma in education primary school area of specialisation is maths with a...
    Zero | 1 year 48 weeks
  • Dublin
    Hi, I have just got a 6 months contract offer to work as an Orthopedic trauma doctor (SHO)at a University Hospital. The HR rep at the hospital has...
    1 | 1 year 48 weeks
  • Canada
    I am planning to send my kids to Canada for education ( private school), what is the step i should make & which the right department to contact...
    4 | 1 year 48 weeks
  • the United Kingdom
    Hi, I plan to marry my boyfriend, a citizen, born and raised in London and living there. We plan to marry in the States, then I will move to the...
    1 | 1 year 48 weeks
  • Qatar
    My husband has been offered a job as a Quility contol/Lab person at 65,000 month in qatar is that 17,000 in usd dollars. still trying to figure out...
    Zero | 1 year 49 weeks
  • China
    Everything on my pad is out of order in China... I mean everything... Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and... This must be the internet censorship from...
    1 | 1 year 48 weeks
  • India
    I am a KPO professional.I have 6 years exp in KPMG Global services kochi. I am married. 2 sons as well. My wife is a English teacher Bed passed. Now...
    Zero | 1 year 50 weeks
  • Italy
    I am traveling to Italy as a tourist for a 90 day stay. During this stay can I apply for a long stay visa and if so how do I begin this process?
    6 | 1 year 41 weeks
  • South Africa
    Hello Folks, I wish to apply for South Africa - Critical Skill Visa. I know what are the stages involved in it. But, I wish to hire a consultancy and...
    1 | 1 year 48 weeks
  • Guangzhou
    Hi! I want to join an amateur choir in Guangzhou. I have been in choirs in the UK and really enjoyed being part of a singing group. I'm willing to...
    3 | 1 year 41 weeks
  • Houston
    Hi everyone, my husband has recently been offered a transfer to Houston, so it looks like we'll be heading there next year or 2019. My kids are both...
    3 | 1 year 50 weeks
  • India
    Hi All, I had applied for critical skills visa , i don't hold an offer form a SA company currently. i had made my application with SAQA membership...
    Zero | 1 year 51 weeks
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
    I'm a Canadian resident, recently visited Sarajevo and had gotten engaged. My bride to be resides there and I'm interested in moving there...
    1 | 1 year 51 weeks
  • Taiwan
    I am filling out job applications for EFL teaching jobs in Taiwan and they are asking for a lot of medical questions.They are asking about current...
    Zero | 1 year 51 weeks
  • Singapore
    How does the E1-E9 grade for software developer in Singapore work ?
    Zero | 1 year 51 weeks

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