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  • Japan
    Which is more suited for expat children - public schools or international schools in Japan?
    1 | 8 years 21 weeks
  • Japan
    How can I prepare myself for Japanese work culture? Are expats expected to maintain the same crazy, long hours that the Japanese do?
    1 | 8 years 21 weeks
  • Japan
    What type of housing is available in Japan and what strange little ideosyncracies should I know about. I'll be househunting two months from now in...
    2 | 6 years 48 weeks
  • Kenya
    Do I need emergency evacuation insurance if moving to Kenya, or is the healthcare up to standard?
    5 | 4 years 38 weeks
  • Kenya
    What home security  measures should be taken in Nairobi. My husband is granted an accommodation allowance, but we're unsure if we need to...
    7 | 6 years 21 weeks
  • Libya
    Is it safe to pursue job opportunities in Libya at this point?
    5 | 7 years 8 weeks
  • Cape Town
    Is there public transport available or will I need to purchase a car?
    8 | 7 years 37 weeks
  • Asalamualaikum I've done my MBBS from Dow Medical College, Karachi, Pakistan. I want to do my one year medical internship in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia....
    Zero | 8 years 21 weeks
  • the Netherlands
    What do I need to have and do to open a bank account in the Netherlands?
    1 | 8 years 21 weeks
  • Amsterdam
    My husband and I are moving with our little girl (age 8) to Amsterdam this September. My husband's employer has offered to fly us over so we can...
    1 | 8 years 21 weeks
  • Los Angeles
    We are soon moving to Los Angeles, which are the best areas to live in LA as a British expat?
    1 | 8 years 21 weeks
  • Saudi Arabia
    we have been appointed by ministry of health saudi arabia. they are not providing us accomodation. we were told that finding accomodation is easy but...
    2 | 8 years 21 weeks
  • Saudi Arabia
    we are moving to dammam with our baby six months old. are day care facilities easily availaible there? what is the average cost of day care or nannys...
    1 | 3 years 36 weeks
  • South Africa
    My family are moving to White River, the Mpumalanga region of South Africa. We are a family of six. What can we expect the cost of living to befor a...
    23 | 4 years 40 weeks
  • Luanda
    Hi there, I am a single Irish female moving to Luanda this summer for a 2yr posting. My questions are -How safe will I b being on my own how easy is...
    2 | 7 years 29 weeks
  • Kuala Lumpur
    Hi- I'm moving with husband to Kuala Lumpur in the upcoming months and I've just found out I'm pregnant :) Just wondering if there's any fellow...
    2 | 7 years 50 weeks
  • Malaysia
    Hi- I've been offered a job in Kuala Lumpur and I'm wondering what I need to negotiate in my work contract. I plan on bringing my wife and...
    1 | 8 years 22 weeks
  • Kuala Lumpur
    Just wondering about the standard of safety in Kuala Lumpur. I'm coming from Johannesburg, South Africa so I can't imagine I'd need to prepare for a...
    4 | 6 years 47 weeks
  • New Zealand
    I'm a self-appointed social butterfly and I'm being dragged along with my boyfriend to the South Pacific while he finishes his PhD. Just wondering if...
    4 | 1 year 29 weeks
  • Christchurch
    Hi- I'm thinking of moving to Christchurch, New Zealand with my husband, he's been offered an engineering position as a consequence of the...
    5 | 5 years 4 weeks

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