International Universities in Guangzhou

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31 October 2017

Hi there!

I am considering moving to Guangzhou with my 18 year-old-son, who is currently studying Photography at the university in Brazil. I am a little bit worried about finding an University in Guangzhou which accepts international students and which offers courses 100% in English. I was not able to confirm if the University of Fine Arts offers this. Any suggestion or information about this subject would be highly appreciated.

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Hi vlopes823

There are a couple of universities in Guangzhou, and many of them welcome international students. However, finding courses that are only in English might be difficult. Your best bet is probably to contact the university directly to find out whether their courses are presented in English. Cucas has lists of universities and courses aimed at international students.

Are you considering to move for work?

Hope this helps,
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Hi Emma,

Thank you for your answer. Yes, I am considering to move for work.
I have sent a message to Cucas. Let´s see what they will tell me about this.

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