Information on living & working in Ibadan?

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01 May 2014

Ive been offered a role based in Ibadan and was hoping someone may be able to give me some unbiased information about living and working in this area.

I have the option of married status where accomodation and schooling would be paid for by the company but Im unsure if my wife and 9 year old boy would find this area suitable for them to live.

If I was to attend on single status what is there in the area to keep me occupied, gym, cinema, bars, restauraunts etc?

Thanks in advance


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Hi Andy,
Ibadan is a well-populated area of Ngeria so expect lots of traffic. I don't know what part of the world you're coming from and what you're used to. Ibadan is ok, generally safe for expats (although I don't know anything about the expat community there if there's one at all :)). Is there a possibility you could be sent to Lagos instead? Ibadan has everything you mentioned although most might not be the standard you're used to.

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Ibadan is large cosmopolitant and caters for all levels of humanity. For sure, the standard of living is not as high as Lagos, but far ideal and tailorable. For an expat, I expect your Company to get you accomodation in area that are not thickly populated, if they do not already have for people like you and in such areas, there are usually good Schools of comparable standards. I suggest areas like Challenge, Ring Road, Iyaganku GRA,Oluyole Ext. Mokola, Bashorun GRA, Bodija (Old & New) & Onirke axis. The traffic in Ibadan is currently better and more tolerable in d wake of continuing massive road construction of the last and current government. Barring any scare of the recurrent insurgency of Muslim fundamentalists, Ibadan is more safer than Lagos, God help us! Recreation Centres of Old like Lafia Hotel Swimming Pool, Ibadan Tennis Club, Agodi Gardens, Mokola Hills are well-improved & more functional in addition to new hergtage sites being developed by successive governments. Tthe ancient & modern Palace is a relic of the rich cultural heritage.. You should have no regrets at all. Best wishes!

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