Indian expat moving to Adelaide - what utensils do I need?

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By SVA - Posted on
11 September 2012

I am migrating to Adelaide, Australia in Jan 2013. I have some questions:

1. Should I bring new cooking utensils like a cooker, kadai, tawa, etc or will they allow you to bring old ones ?

2. I have heard that it is better to wash your new clothes when moving to Australia because otherwisethey charge you for taking in new clothes.

Please help.
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Hi SVA, 

I really don't think it will be necessary for you to bring kitchen utensils when moving to Australia. Remember that shipping costs are expensive - so it will probably be more economical for you to purchase these items  once you arrived in the country. Although the prices may be slightly higher in Australia than in India, by the time you've considered shipping costs it'll make sense just to wait till you get to Adelaide. Have a look at our Shipping and Removals for Australia page for more information.

Australia does have strict regulations about what can be bought into the country, because of the risk of pests and disease. Most of the restrictions apply to food, plant material and animal products.I am not aware on any charges you might incur for bring new clothes into the country. If you do have any concerns about items you are bringing in then it is best to declare the item to avoid any fines.

I'd advice you visit the Australian Department for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry website for more information on these issues.
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Thank you Shantalie

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Me and my wife moved into adelaide in July 2012...there is nothing to worry about....we brought in a lot of stuff ourselves from India.
The best bet to bring would be a pressure it would cost u $100-150 in all u would get here at reasonable price....n there is no need to wash ur clothes....u can bring new clothes...we brought a whole bunch of new clothes....where u coming from in India? If u want take my mail and we can be in touch there...regards, Niketan

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Hi are you looking for accommadation
We are australian but have lived overseas our selves for 8 years so know the pit falls
we are needing to move but want to rent our home long term as we will be returning. In a really good area if you are interested email Eileen on

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Thats a very genuine thing to bring pressure cooker from India, please also bring spare safety valve for the pressure cooker too.

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