Immigrating in Canada?

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By Lexo Saridis - Posted on
07 March 2012
Hello, i live in Greece and i would like to work in Canada, what should i do?
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Yo Lexo! Hey, I can understand why you'd want to immigrate to Canada, things in Greece are looking mighty tought at the moment. Anywho, your question is super vague, can you be more specific? Are you asking about what you need to do to get a work permit in Canada? Or are you more concerned with the work culture and the economic climate in Vancouver? 

Either way, it might do you some good to have a look at the Expat Arrivals working in Canada page. Let me know further info though, and I will try and help you.
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Stay in Greece unless you really like taxes. I am a Canuck and I think the only place wetter than Vancouver is the damn ocean (lived there two soggy years).

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