I’m in Australia for a short vacation. I love adventure sports. Can anyone suggest suitable options?

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By chingelias - Posted on
12 March 2018

I’m in Australia for a small vacation. I love adventurous sports. Can anyone suggest me a suitable option for that?

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Hi again,

I've just commented on one of your previous posts, sorry for the repetition, but which area will you be based in?

There are a number of sports that you can try out, depending on the area. Surfing (my personal recommendation!), scuba diving, rock-climbing, jet skiing and hiking are all options.

There are also companies that can take you para-gliding and canoeing. 

It might be worth checking out this Expat Arrivals list of Australian expat blogs. There are a few posts about day-trips and exciting adventures, which are written for a 'non-Australian' audience.


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