How would you rate healthcare in South Korea?

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By Stephanie Katz - Posted on
10 May 2011
What's the quality of healthcare in South Korea? Is it recommended to use public or private facilities?
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The standard of healtchare in South Korea is excellent - and I'm Canadian. While there's both public and private options available, but the public system is fantastic. Most of the specialist doctors are required to study overseas at some point, so the majority of them are proficient in English. Furthermore, the facilities and the technology in the hospital is state-of-the-art and waiting times are nowhere near the month long appointment times you stress over in Canada. Prescription medecine is super cheap as well - think a week's worth for a mere 6 USD.

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Could someone please put me in touch with an ESL teacher who is 60+ years of age? I am very concerned that I will not be hired because of my age!

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