How to obtain a Spousal Visa for South Africa?

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By Jasdeep_virdee - Posted on
29 March 2016

Hi All By way of background I currently live in London and recently got married to my partner who is a South African citizen. I am planning to move to Johannesburg this year July/August. I have been on the Department of Home Affairs website which I have not found very useful in regards to what steps I would need to take to obtain a spousal visa. Any help/advice on what steps and documents I would need would be very much appreciated! Thank you all Jasdeep

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Hi Jasdeep,

Department of Home Affairs are notoriously difficult to deal with. Now the whole visa process is handled by VFS, who aren't much help either unfortunatley.

From my personal experience, the list of documents on either the VFS website or the DHA website cannot be trusted. It may cost you, but I would recommend using a reputable immigration consultant who will have the latest information on permits.


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Hi its very true that its hard to deal with the DHA,i had similar problem but i contact an expert who helped me to obtained an Zimbabwe visa, may he can also be of help to your is his email address

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Hi Jasheep, have you gotten any assistance on your visa queries yet? I will be happy to help!

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