How to identity a Russian romance scam?

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13 October 2011
I have been exchanging letters and beautiful pictures with a stunning Russian girl from a small town just outside of St. Petersburg. Though her English is not the best, she speaks from her heart and communicates in a truly meaningful way. This has been going on for about four months, and though I've read up on all the Russian romance scams and Russian dating scams on the Internet, I find it hard to believe that someone I speak to nearly everyday could by a predator. Before I get too much more involved I'm wondering if there's any surefire way to tell if this is a scam or not?

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There are so many ways to detect the person is genuine or not. Like:
1) She would ask for money for visa or ticket or ill mother.
2) Even the main profile punch line would be grammatically wrong like I a pretty girl OR I a socialization girl. You can Google it and will find so many profiles with the same name.
3) She has a profile from Kazan, Kirov and Cheboksary. OR from US / UK and the excuse will be site does not allow me to create account from Russia. Crosscheck for this.
4) They pretend that they hate Russian males so they only search for foreigners.
5) And Last but not the least check her IP address. A data base of spammers' IP are available on net.
Here I have one of the funny valentine's day quotes- First love is only a little foolishness and a lot of curiosity. By- George Bernard Shaw.
I wish your girlfriend would not be fake. And you will find your real soul mate. Just try these above tips to apply the loyalty test. my best wishes are with you.

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I have been living in Russia for a while and, though there are certainly girls interested only in the money and the chance to live abroad, most of them are like the rest of people in the world, trying to find a true love. In my opinion, it is hard to tell just from letters, you should go there and find out by yourself. In any case you'll find out a fantastic country and people that you won't forget. If she invites you, you can get your visa free.

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Russian women are beautiful, especially in St. Petersburg, it's make me crazy. My friends led me to a strip bar `Zavist and save me from excessive sensibility . After it I could properly communicate and understand where commercialism in the girl, where simple communication.

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Dunno how to explain this I kinda have that gut feeling talking to a girl online. I get to detect a gold-digger almost for sure. You just need to clingy about her intentions getting coupled with a foreigner as was mentioned above. It's really hard sometimes cause they have marriage agency with pro copywriters who send this bullshit letters to you.
To John, We are actually talking about lont-term relationship here not a one night party. I mean I also know which is tops bar in St.Pete with cute russian girls. It's a not good idea to look for a bride over there, I guess or places of a kind. Do you really dream to hook up there?:)
I bet a slim chance of winning

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Don't u fall for the trick if she asks you to send over money for a plane ticket or saying some of her relatives being seriously ill u know. You might wanna try to google her pics to find out if there are any similar on some other web resources.
I would suggest that go over there and meet with her in person. This is gonna clear out everything. Along with this u can have a nice weekend in St. Pete, a very nice city. There are lots of entertainment venues, by the way regarding Zavist bar - great a place to chill, vibrant shows.
Good luck, man!

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