How to get a USA Social Security Number while living overseas?

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By mrypc - Posted on
14 July 2013
I am an American citizen living permanetly in Italy.

I would like my children to have social security numbers but they are only Italian citizens, is it possible and how do I do it?

Thank you.
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Hi the mrypc,

Generally, there is no need for someone who is not citizen of the USA to have a Social Security Number. You will only really need your children to a SSN if you plan on moving back to the USA - as this will entitle them to certain social benefits that US citizens are entitled to. 

If you do move back to the USA, there is a possibility that your children can get Social Security numbers.even though they are not US citizens. 

It really will depend on the merits of each application if you are granted the SSN. Regardless, there are still benefits that non-citizens are able to claim without SSN.

For more information I suggest taking a look at the website of the US Social Security Administration

Hope this helps. 

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hello you can contact this group of experts they can help you get the SSN for children while they are still Italy without any email them they will tell you how tha process goes.

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