How to find schools and housing agent in Melbourne?

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By camilledd - Posted on
21 June 2016

Hi We desperately need help to find 1. Schools near to the University of Melbourne for our 4 year old (preferably Montessori) 2. Housing agent to help us locate accommodations quickly.

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Hi Camilledd,
Have you tried ?
They have a great website with suburb reviews and a Q&A section. You can also find agents on there as reviewed by clients.

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Hi Camille, you can look us up. Finders Keepers Property Locators in Melbourne. We have helped professors in Melb Uni find their rentals before they arrived.

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I have a question regarding which visa grant access to the public schools in Melbourne.

I'm moving to Melbourne for 6 month with my wife and two children (5 and 7 years old). We're moving in the beginning of January.

My wife is a phd-student and are going to work with an Australian institute. She's bringing her own salary from Denmark and are not going to be formally enlisted at a university. I'll keep my danish work (online).

So neither of us are going to have a work contract and the institute whom my wife is going to work with can not provide sponsorship.

Our kids are going to go in public school, but I can't figure out which visa is the right one for us. Can children start in public school on a visitor visa?

Has anyone been in a similar situation?

Best Soren

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Hi Soren,
I am looking to be in exactly the same situation you are next January - can you let me know what you found? Also, how did you enroll your children in school? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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