How to apply for work in Malaysia?

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15 August 2017

In 2008 I've been working for CGG Veritas in Miri, Borneo, Malaysia. I'd love the place. I'm a physician, retired in Brazil and wanting to move to a better place. I would accept to live in Miri as I really enjoy the place. I have a wife and a 9 years old daughter. Is there an international school in Miri? I could work as a family care doctor. I'm 62 years old but still healthy and working in Brazil with no restrictions. Thanks a lot. I appreciate your answer.

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Hi affonsoamerico

To find work in Malaysia as a doctor, your best bet will be through a recruitment agency. You will need to have a job before you move to Malaysia, as it is difficult to obtain a work permit without one. Read our page on working in Malaysia for more information. 

While most international schools are in Kuala Lumpur, there are some in Miri as well, like the Tenby School. Here is more info on schools in Malaysia

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I see that Emma has already pointed of the Tenby School in Miri. There are several other international schools in Kuching.

If you come on the MM2H visa to Malaysia you can apply for PT work provided the program approves. In Sarawak the "Sarawak My Second Home Program" (which is an independent application through the STATE (i.e. Sarawak) Ministry of Tourism is supposedly for 50+ retirees only. But they also have a clause which allows limited "essential" work.

BTW They are building a major Medical School in Samarahan (just outside of Kuching) and might require more Medical teachers.Several technical colleges are currently teaching nursing and medical related courses at UNIMAS.

Another issue is that work for government agencies have a mandatory retirement age of 60.

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