How should I choose a suburb in Roswell, Atlanta?

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By Jips - Posted on
05 March 2018

Hi there, My husband may have opportunity to move to a job in Roswell, Atlanta (leaving the UK). From reading this forum it seems sensible to move to Roswell or a suburb nearby given the traffic. Which areas are best for schools but also community? Coming from the UK I am a little worried about living too remotely or living in very quiet sprawling suburbs. We currently live commuting distance to London in a busy but green suburb, so we have the best of both worlds. In terms of priority it would be elementary schools, having a reasonably sized garden and being part of a friendly and busy community near to open spaces. Oh, and of course somewhere safe. Any suggestions? Many thanks.

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Hi Jips 

What kind of school are you hoping to send your children to? Atlanta offers a range of public, private and international schools. If you're still unsure, Expat Arrivals has a guide to education and schools in Atlanta which might be useful. 

Where you decide to live will probably be quite dependant on which school you choose, but the Expat Arrivals area guide suggests suburbs like Grant Park and Marietta for expat families. 

How long are you planning to live in Atlanta? Will you be looking for another expat job afterwards?

- Daniela
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Thanks Daniela.

We will probably look to public schools to begin with as we hear they are very good. I will take a look at the Education and Schools guide - thank you.

If we do move, we will be living in Atlanta for 2 years - 4 years, with a view to returning to the UK afterwards. At least, this is the thinking at the moment.

Thanks again.

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