How much money do I need to live with my boyfriend in Guangzhou?

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25 August 2014

Hello everyone! My company want me to move to Guangzhou next year. I want my boyfriend to come with me, but first I need to know if its easy to find a job in Guangzhou without speaking Chinese. Just in case he couldn't find a job, I would like to know how much money would we need nowadays to live comfortably in Guangzhou (no luxury but a decent house close to the centre). Thank you so much, I really appreciate your help.

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Hi Areport42, I'm moving to Guangzhou myself in a few weeks and haven't been there before. So unfortunately I can't help you out with your question. But I've found a website with many active members that may help -

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If your boyfriend can speak English it will be very easy for him to find a teaching job and make around 10k per month (~1400$). Other jobs are not that easy to find but they are looking for teachers at any corner so even if he doesn't have the education to be a teacher he can find a job as one very easily

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Hi Areport42, I am a local english speaking Chinese,I think it would be quite easy for a native english speaker find a job in guang zhou as a teacher.
Nowadays, if you like a comfortable life in Guang zhou, if you do not cook at home, I think around 3000 USD is a must ...
any issues, welcome add me skype: owen.renwei

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