How long does it take to process a work permit for Poland?

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04 August 2015

Hi all
I have been offered a Software Engineer position in Krakow. My company is handling doing all the work permit stuff for me. My application has been filed with the authorities and I'm waiting for approval. But I have few questions on my mind.
1) How long it will take for the approval of the work permit? Few people are saying 3 months, others say 15 days - I am not clear on it.
2) What would be a good salary for this position?
3) Is cost of living is high or low?
4) Is the country is safe?

Can anyone please share their thoughts or info? It would be really helpful for me as I'm more confused.

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There is some information on Cost of Living in Poland on this website, but in general, Poland is very reasonable compared to elsewhere in Europe, but salaries are slightly less lucrative than in other destinations. 

There are a number of other pros and cons of living in Poland, but safety isn't a huge concern.

Unfortunately, I can't say how long the visa process will take - but it may be a good idea for you to contact your nearest Polish embassy to get an estimated timeline.

Hope this helps!
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i have been in poland since august 2015
and i applied for resident permit and how long it will take to come .

moreover i have big confusion with tax
for example my salary is 2000 zloty per month so how many percentage i hve to pay for tax and how long i have to pay if i get 3 years card should i pay for 3 years ?

that means how much zloty i have to pay monthly and where and how?

if suppose iam moving to other country with poland pcard can i pay my tax thorugh there ?

how it possible .

can you tel me clearly please.

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The tax depends on the amount of money you earn and also on the scheme, which you decide to choose, to pay your taxes.
Generally, the rates are: 18 % , 32 % and 19 %
All depends on the category you are in.
If you have any more questions, please let me know :)

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