How do I register a new car in Spain?

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By trevor pett - Posted on
20 December 2016

Hi. I am trying to buy a new car from an official dealer. I have paid in full for the vehicle but they say they can't register it because of the hucienda. I have asked them to explain but they just keep saying our problem is the high hucienda. We have a padron and are also fully registered in the province. Can anyone help?

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Hi there,

I'm not sure what you mean by 'hucienda' - do you perhaps mean 'hacienda', as in estate? Might the dealership be requesting house deeds or proof of rental of a house or apartment? It may be useful to bring along a Spanish friend or a hired translator to the dealership, as it could be possible that something is getting lost in translation. You may also find this article on buying a car in Spain helpful.

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I just needed to show them my NIE form and they did all the transfer details for me included in the price. If you buy privately it's a bit more complicated

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