How do I keep my prescriptions and medical benefits in Cyprus?

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By Panda811 - Posted on
10 January 2018

I am a Diabetic following a Motorcycle accident back in 2002 - so on a lot of medication

When in Cyprus 2017 for a 2 week Holiday, I cut my meds by half and physically felt a lot better

I am disabled because of the Accident & as weather soooooooo much better for me, I bought a place in Frenaros, Famagusta to retire early in, hoping it would be a year or 2 longer.

Sadly I had a really bad winter and work are laying me off because of my medical problems & the Doctor will sign me off Medically unfit to work

I know if I move to Cyprus for good, I will lose my benefits in 3 mnths as well as my Free Meds

I am aware I can get my Benefits back within a certain time period & it wont be as much as I get in the UK

However I do not know about my medication ???

Do I pay ?
Do I get free, as I am Diabetic as well ?

H E L P - hopefully someone may have an idea !

Yes I do have Family over there, but no one there re fortunately NOT in my position so don't know

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