How do I get an apartment in the USA with limited funds and no US address for a credit check ?

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By amslife - Posted on
08 February 2014

Ok, new here, but I need to ask about my situation. I was born a British citizen but legally moved to the USA as a child. I stayed until I recieved my citizenship and then returned to the UK for personal reasons. I really miss my home country, and I know that I have the right to return, but I have no idea how to go about it. I left before I turned 18, so I have no remaining ties to the country other than my passport. My mother lives in the USA, but it is not desirable to move in with her. I have no credit in the US to apply for an apartment. I have enough money for flights, a couple of weeks in a hotel, and a large security deposit, but on all of the apartment websites I have visited, they require a US address or a credit check. I know this is probably daft, but I am only young, so I don't know how you can move to a country with no rental to move into. Please help, I am so homesick and need to figure this out.

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Hi Amslife,

Firstly, where in the USA are you planning on moving to? Obviously, your funds will go further in some cities than others.The USA is a big country and things work differently one place to the next. So if you can narrow down a city or couple of places you'd ideally want to stay, it might be a bit easier. 

If you are not having much luck using real estate agents websites, why don't you try craigslist or gumtree, you might be able to deal with a property owner directly, and they might be willing to bypass the credit check if you can provide some other form of surety.

For a general view about renting property in the USA read our Accommodation in the USA. Although your technically not an expat, some of it might help you.

Hope it helps.Let me know if you have any more questions.


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