how do I get a work visa to Canada?

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03 February 2017


I am trying to get a job in Vancouver whilst based here in Uk. I am an IT manager/developer
Is this the best way to get a working visa...hoping to then get permanent residency. It all seems really complicated.
Can you help?!!

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Hi Janet,

You are right in that you would need to first secure a job with an employer in Canada, and thereafter apply for the relevant work permit and visa. You can find more info on our Work Permits for Canada page. However, as you say, it's a pretty complicated process - for example, the employer would have to prove that a Canadian citizen would be unable to do the job you'd be doing.

There are a number of different types of visas, though, and you may find that you are eligible. We have a list of the most common on our Visas for Canada page.

Best of luck!

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