How do I find job prospects in Sweden?

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By mzunic - Posted on
29 January 2018

My husband and I are thinking of moving to Sweden in the next 18 months with our two school aged kids. He is an EU citizen so we don't foresee an issue with finding work. What we are having a hard time with is determining how fast and what kind of work he would be able to find. Company transfer isn't an option for either of us. And actually how to go about moving there to begin with. I am an US citizen and from what I am understanding I won't be able to join him at the same time. Is this correct? We are thinking of visiting in the summer to investigate job prospects. Is this a good idea? Who should we talk to while there regarding this? I have family in Gothenburg but they aren't expats so while they offer some help they also don't know much. Any help or guidance anyone can offer is appreciated. Thanks

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Hi Mzunic

Since your husband is a Swedish citizen, he shouldn't have an issue finding work. Have a look at the Swedish jobseeker's website. How fast it happens will depend on many circumstances, however. What does he do?

You can read our guide on visas for Sweden for a quick overview, but your best bet is to use the official migration website.

Hope this helps!

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Hi EmmaL,

Thank you for the links. Any advice on job hunting? He has construction and project management experience and I have admin and real estate/property management experience. We were thinking of possibly speaking to a recruiter when we visit in the summer.

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