How do I find executive apartments and hire a driver in Johannesburg?

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By Grafik - Posted on
16 January 2018

Hi all. I am at the final stages of an interview process for a senior role in South Africa...based in Johannesburg (Centurion/Midrand area).

In advance of negotiations on package, I am looking for some assistance on a couple of matters:

1. Accommodation - I have found a number of high-end properties for the family market, but I am seeking a premium apartment (ideally in a serviced complex with gym, pool etc. or with it's own facilities). Does this sort of thing exist in J'Burg within reasonable distance of Centurion? (I'm assuming that Sandton > Centurion is commutable?). What sort of budget should I have in mind for something? Is furnished rental an option? Most of the apartments I have seen are at the cheaper end of the market (Im seeking penthouse / loft style). Places like Dainfern estate have been mentioned, but they look very much like 'family' places...I would rather have a high end bachelor pad.

2. Any tips/recommendations on hiring a driver? I will be working long hours and considering hiring a permanent personal chauffeur. Do these services in J'Burg include the car? What is the typical cost of a driver etc.

Any help much appreciated.

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Hi Grafik

Most expats in Johannesburg choose to stay in houses in security complexes because of their relative safety, and the abundance of space means that there is not as much high-rise living such as in other big cities in the world. That said, there are some executive-style properties available on sites like Property 24, or you can always contact estate agents.

If you're not planning on driving yourself, there are several chauffeur services in Joburg. They vary from minibuses to executive sedans and a quick google search will give you many options. Is the position long-term? Have you considered renting/buying a car?

Hope this helps,
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Thanks Emma - your feedback on accommodation is very helpful. My main issue is that I am seeking somewhere 'premium', but I don't want to end up with a huge mansion. All the apartments i've seen to date are not at the level I would be looking for. My budget is around the 20-25m R figure. A business colleague suggested Sotheby's?

On the chauffeur - I will most likely purchase a vehicle as well. It's just that knowing Jburg traffic and the hours I will be working, I wanted to have a permanent driver so that I can utilise the commute time for relaxation/sleep. All the sites i've tried seem to be focused on single trips rather than providing a 24x7 driver.

My office location will be Centurion, so I have been assuming that the likely spots for accommodation are Midrand, Centurion and Sandton?

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