How do I find a sponsor for a work visa for the USA?

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By Dave Appadoo - Posted on
06 January 2015

Hello everyone!! I'm looking to work & live in the USA on a permanant basis however I need a visa preferable a work visa. But I'm not sure where I can find employers/petitioners who are willing to sponsor immigrants?? Are there any specific job search sites where employers can sponsor immigrants?? I've looked on a few job sites such as & however those jobs are for American citizens who are already living in the USA. I'd be grateful if you could advise me some websites where I can find employers or companys who sponsor immigrants for a work visa?? Thanking you all in advance for your help

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Hi Dave,

What is your field of work? This will play a major role in you finding a sponsor in the USA.

If you are working for a company in your home country, perhaps you should look at opportunities to have the company transfer you to the USA if they have an office over there. 

You can read more about the job market in the USA by reading the Expat Arrivals page on Working in the USA.

Good luck

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Well I'm unemployed atm however I have less than 2 years of experience as a cleaning operative but I don't think Cleaner Vacancies qualify for a H1B work Visa??

But I'm also interested in other job sectors such as Hotel Porter, Mail sorter & Data Entry Clerk so I could apply for a EB3 Work visa which is for unskilled workers??

Hopefully I'll find an employer who can act as a petitioner.

I could look for & get a job in Europe than transfer to the US however I'm looking to move to the US sooner rather than later. I'm not looking for a tourist visa as I'm looking to move to the US on a permanant basis therefore I need a US visa which will allow me to live & work in the US permanantly.

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