How do I find a job in Canada?

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30 May 2016

Hi All, my Wife (34) and I (36) have been toying around with the idea of immigration for quite some time and finally decided to do something about it last year. We made contact with an Immigration Lawyer in Calgary who assisted us with setting up our Express Entry profiles as well as registering on the job bank.

To date we have had our qualifications certified, written the IELTS, obtained Police Clearances along with an unabridged marriage certificate. I had a possible job offer, but halfway through the LMIA process the employer had to withdraw due to Canadian interest for the position.

Since then we have been applying for positions advertised not only on the Job Bank, but other platforms; with all of the applications returning unsuccessful. My wife is a qualified Foundation phase (Elementary School) teacher, with me being a Professional Architect with 10years experience. We are aware that should we make the move that both of us would have to do our re-certification exams to be on the same level as what we are at at the moment.

The problem we are facing is that we can not seem to get any job offers. Could we be approaching it the wrong way, is it due to us not have had Canadian experience, or not being in Canada at the time of applying? Could you advise us on how to go about successfully applying for jobs?

Our first option would be Alberta (seeing that we have many friends residing there), from there British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. We have traveled across Canada (Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta) in 2012. Any help and/or assistance in order for us to get there would be appreciated. Hope to get some feedback soon.

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Hi there,

Have you utilised any contacts you have in Canada or with companies who have Candian operations? Often networking opens up opportunities not pubically advertised.

Also, where are you from in the world? Have you checked if your qulaifications are valid in Canada?

Read the Working in Canada page for more information.

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Is it worthwhile to immigrate in Canada taking into consideration that canadian experience is vital?
As such if you get difficulties to get a job, you will have no other choice to work any type of job not related with your experience and qualification which is unfair. The question is why during the immigration process they do take your local work experience and qualifications into consideration to score marks? Then when you reach in Canada, none of these help you to find a job.

This may lead to much stress and depressions.

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You can get free employment consulting coaching from a program called It is free and it is intended to help people immigrating to Canada for work have a plan for when they arrive to launch a Canadian career.

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