How do I buy a car in France? Will I have access to good healthcare resources?

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By Sheila Meadows - Posted on
01 July 2014

I am moving to France for maybe three years and live in the US but have a British passport, what do I need to get a car and healthcare?

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Hi there,

Thanks for your question! You should be able to find all the information you need on our Healthcare in France page and comprehensive Buying a Car in France guide.

If you plan to live in Paris, you may find that the extensive public transport system substantially reduces the need to even have your own car. You can find out more about moving around the city in our Getting Around in Paris page.

All the best for your new life in France!

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France is called the power house and its fashion is unique and of its own and this is France is particularly well known for this. Yes you can buy a is not a big deal. As it is a straight forward process you need to do some paperwork and show the residence certificate. But don't think of importing a car to France.

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Could anyone out there tell me if there is a law saying you have to pay for the car in full when buying new, one week before the purchase day??

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