How can we move to Adelaide on a tight budget?

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23 July 2014

Hi! We have managed to get our permanent visa .My husband is moving in alone to Adelaide in the month of Aug 2014 .We as a family plan to join him once he settles in .Few questions 1. what are the key items he should carry with him ? 1.Which is the best suburb to stay in once he lands ? As it is his first time and he is anxious and nervous do we book a hotel/service apartment and then scout around for a place .Pls advise as we would like to work within a shoe string budget . 2.What is the cost of renting a 1 bedroom studio apartment in Adelaide ? 3.Can we open a migrant banking account? Pls advise if yes and if no how do we ensure transfer of funds ? 4.Any other useful tips and advice through the first few stages . Regards, Shobana

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Hi Shobana,

I'm actually from Melbourne - so I cannot provide much information about the best areas in Adelaide to live. If you are on a tight budget - that will be a deciding factor for which area to live.

End of August will still be rather cold in Adelaide, so warm clothes are a good idea.
Hotels can be expensive (around $80 per night minimum) - if on a very tight budget, Hostels with private rooms may be more suitable, possibly a low as $20 per person, per night.
have a look at

a 1 bedroom apartment in Adelaide would start at around $120+ per week (minimum) - this largely depends on the area. Generally, you will require 1 month rent paid in advance, and one month bond - which is the same amount as 1 month rent (So essentially 2 months up-front in advance) I recommend you have a look at or

If you have your visas, then opening a migrant bank account sohuld be fairly straight forward, make sure you have all supporting documentation. You can find a good guide to migrant banking in Aistralia here:

I wish you the best of luck, and hope you enjoy life in Adelaide, it's a lovely city and very friend a relaxed.


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Thank you ,Ben

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