How can I import goods to from China to Kenya?

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By Lilt Ezzy - Posted on
29 June 2014

Hi. I would like to import clothes and electronics from China. I have already identified a supplier and I would like to get a better understanding of how much it's going to cost me to import them for resale.

The supplier will take care of the cost of importation so my biggest worry is what the government will charge me. How much import tax does the government charge? Are there any other charges that the government may levy against me for running such a business?

Thanks, in advance for the help

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Hi there

Our Shipping and Removals in Kenya page will give you an idea of what to expect in terms of what is charged for and the shipping process. 

I would check with the Kenya Revenue Authority directly and do some research into Importing from China; there's plenty on the web. I would imagine that it may be a complicated procedure, and it might be worth enlisting the help of a tax advisor or logistics professional with knowledge of international imports.

Good luck,

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Since most suppliers in China do not support Paypal payment, Which is the best option to use to import from china?

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