How can I get a job in Mozambique?

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23 October 2015

Hi I came across this site via Google, so I'm not sure if I'm actually on the right web page. I would really like to move to Moz, but I have limited funds and would like to find out about any work possible, I am a sales man, have been since I left school, mostly IT, but my last and current is medical and safety wear. I am 37 years of age but fell in love worth Moz when I was there. I am willing to do virtually anything. As I said I am not sure if this is the right site to ask this question so if there is anyone that can direct me I will really appreciate it. Thank you Regards Fred

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Hi Blowout365,

We don't have a fulll guide on Mozambique but you can have a look at our introduction to expat life in the country on our Moving to Mozambique page. 

I'm going to share your question on social media to see if there are any expats in Mozambique that can help you.

Also, where are you from ? That is likely to effect visa regulations.

Kind regards,

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Search online for any jobs.The best way to get job.

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