Housing in Japan?

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By Stephanie - Posted on
24 May 2011
What type of housing is available in Japan and what strange little ideosyncracies should I know about. I'll be househunting two months from now in Tokyo, and before I go on the prowl I'd like to be as prepared as possible. Also, what would be a reasonable cost for decent accommodation in Japan?
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Both apartments and houses are available in Japan. That said, Japanese apartments - even the lavish likes of the high-rise dwellings - are cold, small and aesthetically unfriendly. Alternatively, the traditional, old Japanese houses are charming and usually much cheaper. The locals tend not to like them, which means you can really score a great deal. Most have a ton of space and come complete with all the bits and bobs that you associate with Japanese culture - tatami floors and paper windows!

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How much typically in US Dollars is a one bedroom apartment?

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