Hepatitis B Test in Abu Dhabi

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11 April 2011
I need to renew my residence permit and am Hep B positive, I've read conflicting reports on whether they test you for this still, and whether if you do test positive you will be deported. Can any expats who have been through this before advise?
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Haven't had the experience myself, but as far as I can tell they only test people applying for certain categories for Hepatits B: babysitters, housemaids, nursery and kindergarten employees, employees at barber shops, health clubs and restaurants.
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can you pls tell what is the result to your medical? and how are you for now? thank you...

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hi! my husband is sponsoring me to live in abu dhabi.. and my concern is i am hep b pos. since i my hubby is applying for a resident visa for me, will i still undergo the hep b test? since i am +, will i be deported? really need clarification on this pls. thanx!

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