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  • Christchurch
    Which items are recommended to be shipped (from Australia) when relocating to NZ?
    1 | 1 year 40 weeks
  • the United Kingdom
    Hi Any idea which ACS is the best in London? There are 3 Thanks Nilly
    3 | 1 year 40 weeks
  • Kenya
    Hello to anyone that reads this post. We are relocating to Nairobi in April and will be needing a Driver and Housekeeper. Thanks and Regards
    2 | 1 year 36 weeks
  • the United Kingdom
    Hello all, We're an American family currently living in the UK (Colchester, Essex). My husband has dual citizenship (American and Irish). We'...
    1 | 1 year 42 weeks
  • Johannesburg
    Hi all. I am at the final stages of an interview process for a senior role in South Africa...based in Johannesburg (Centurion/Midrand area). In...
    2 | 1 year 42 weeks
  • South Africa
    Hi my husband and I are on regular medication. How would we get this whilst out there on a volunteer visa for 3yrs.
    4 | 1 year 41 weeks
  • Italy
    Does it exist?
    5 | 1 year 36 weeks
  • Dubai
    Hi all I am sure this question as been ask before sorry about a repeat question. Because I will be only be in Dubai for approx 6 mts at a time I...
    Zero | 1 year 43 weeks
  • Cyprus
    Does the Cyprus Dept. of Transportation check with the US and/or state the US license was issued from when I exchange it for a Cypriot drivers...
    Zero | 1 year 43 weeks
  • South Africa
    I have been offered R 40 k per month salary in Durban. Food, Accommodation & Transportation provided by company. Is it a good salary? How is life...
    2 | 1 year 36 weeks
  • Czech Republic
    I have been investigating drivers licence conditions in Czech Republic and have hit a wall... I currently have a New Zealand drivers licence, this...
    1 | 1 year 43 weeks
  • Cyprus
    I am a Diabetic following a Motorcycle accident back in 2002 - so on a lot of medication When in Cyprus 2017 for a 2 week Holiday, I cut my meds by...
    Zero | 1 year 43 weeks
  • South Africa
    Hi, Will you please help me understand the VISA extension process and the documents need to be submitted for VISA extension in Johannesburg, South...
    1 | 1 year 39 weeks
  • Istanbul
    I'm a Indonesian lady from Jakarta Indonesia, single mother with a son, 9 years old. I had a career in Indonesia as a Secretary in a Big 4 Tax...
    3 | 1 year 42 weeks
  • South Africa
    Hi we are looking to move and was wondering if it is best to use a immigration company or do it all ourselves. Any advice would be greatly...
    7 | 1 year 39 weeks
  • Stockholm
    Hello Everyone I am new in this forum, I am moving to Sweden on late February with my wife, which is pregnant, and our 2 kids (4 and 3 years old). We...
    1 | 1 year 38 weeks
  • Dubai
    Could anyone guide me as to where i can buy wooden panels cut to size dubai? i need 2 planks of 7ft
    Zero | 1 year 44 weeks
  • India
    My daughter is going to study a Master's program in Engineering in Canada. Can I get a visa to join her for during her initial days in Canada so...
    2 | 1 year 33 weeks
  • Poland
    HI There I am really looking at finding a employer who will offer me a job to move to Poland. What is the easiest way to go about and what Company...
    2 | 1 year 36 weeks
  • Abu Dhabi
    Hello I am a Turkish expat planning to move to Ruwais. But there is nothing on the Internet about house rents I believe almost all housing is for...
    Zero | 1 year 45 weeks

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